Welcome to Undead Friend, an ongoing webcomic series that updates with full chapters one the first of every month.


Chapters 01 and 02 have been completely redrawn and a few new scenes are featured.



Chapter 04 is now available to read in its entirety. Chapter 05 will be available for the $5+ Patreon Backers.

Still working on the remake of Chapter 01 and 02. I will let everyone know here and on Twitter as soon as they are finished and uploaded. There will be a couple changes so they’ll be worth reading for current readers.




Happy Halloween! To celebrate here’s Orrick and Mahalah redone as a more traditional ghost and zombie.


Reworking the website a bit for the new update schedule. November 1st onward we will be putting up a entirely finished chapter in its entiriety to read on the 1st of each month. Chapters are around 20-30 pages on average. You will be getting a lot more comics this way than if we did a MWF or weekday schedule and you’ll get to read a chapter straight through rather than a page at a time. The latest chapters will be accessible from clicking the chapter cover to the right. The newest chapter will be Chapter 04. I am also currently redoing Chapters 1 and 2. I will post here when those have been uploaded to the archives. As always for more frequent updates and artwork from me personally check out our Twitter account.